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Learn about who we are and what we can guarantee you and your family.
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Who We Are

Advanced Healthcare Services, Inc. is a home health care provider serving greater Houston and its surrounding areas. As part of the care provider community, we believe that care should be all-inclusive. And because we believe that inclusivity starts with caring for those people who are in unique circumstances, we specialize in caring for veterans, old and sick people, people who need help with taking care of sick and disabled parents or family members, among others.

Still in line with our inclusivity principle, our staff is able to speak Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese), Vietnamese, Spanish, and Filipino (Tagalog) so we can serve more people without the worry of language barriers.

We believe that we are able to live by our name because of this guiding principle. By ensuring that our care encompasses boundaries, we are confident that we are ahead in the game.

To know more about our agency and the services we provide, you may set an appointment with us or contact us at 713-271-6999.

Our Mission Statement
To provide compassionate, professional, and quality home health care services.

Our Vision Statement
To provide a high-quality, intermittent home health care by a highly qualified, experienced, and professional home health team.